California Board Company Fish Review


What the manufacturer says about the Fish:

‘This custom molded shape has 3 multi-layered (molded-in) laminated wood stringers coated with waterproof resin. It has a heat laminated high-density 100% waterproof EPS core and high-density polyethylene slick bottom (heat laminated). High-density durable IXPE/XPE deck (heat laminated) with a graphic. Tri-fin system with nylon screws and surf leash with double swivel/rail saver & neoprene padded ankle strap included.’

Knee to head highIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“Bought 2 of 74’s and tried them at the weekend with my 5 yr old son – Got standing for the first time. Stoked !Just about to place an order for number 3 – After the fun yesterday his friends are keen to get involved !!” – Paul Sinclair on Boardshop UK

“This 6’2” soft-top fish board from CBC will help you gain the speed you need to traverse multiple sections on a wave. Its fist tail will anchor you nicely to the wall of the wave, while still providing the maneuverability needed to turn from rail to rail. If you are a beginner to intermediate surfer looking to ride a shorter board, this CBC fish should deliver great results for you. Don’t be surprised if some of the advanced surfers at your beach ask to borrow your board! The classic fish design and the trademark high quality construction of CBC boards will definitely attract some of the local rippers to take this board out for a spin.” – Fin Bin

“The board is exactly what I hoped it would be, plenty of volume for stability but small enough for my 6 yr old son to progress from a Swell board. He has been surfing a swelly for a couple of years now and can stand up on most waves now, and he was able to stand up on this board after a few warm up waves. Perfect!” – Christian Simmons on Boardshop UK

Available Size:
Dimension – 6’2” x 22” x 3”
Board weight – 9lbs.

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And here are pictures of the California Board Company Fish from Instagram:

Do you own a California Board Company Fish? How does it surf?

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