California Board Company 108 Review


What the CBC site says about the 108:

‘This custom molded shape has 3 multi-layered (molded-in) laminated wood stringers coated with waterproof resin. It has a heat laminated high-density 100% waterproof EPS core and high density polyethylene slick bottom (heat laminated). High density durable IXPE/XPE deck (heat laminated) with graphic. Tri-fin system with nylon screws and surf leash with double swivel/rail saver & neoprene padded ankle strap included. Board weight: 16 lbs. Board can hold up to 275 lbs.’

1-4ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“I tried this board as a rental. Loved it. its lightweight to paddle easily, sturdy to stand on, rides waves really well, and its fast. I have my own 8 foot hard board, but came to buy one for days when I’m lazy (still learning) and for kids to learn on.” – Ivan on

“Ideal beginner board. My daughter (16) has been struggling on a 7ft foamie but was up very quickly on this, my son (21) was straight up having surfed occasionally before and I had my longest ride ever before we unfortunately had to finish our day at the beach. We were catching 1-2ft waves no problem. Light for transporting and easy to fit the fins and leash. Good quality leash with swivels at both ends.” – Mark Ashcroft on

“The California Board Company Classic 108 9ft longboard has to be one of the best quality, well priced soft deck surfboards on the market. This brilliant board would make the perfect first surfboard for the larger adult looking for a well made, durable and stable platform to learn on. Unlike most soft deck boards the Classic 108 has a well designed shape which will continue to perform as the rider improves so you won’t have to reach for your wallet as soon as you’ve mastered the basics.” on YouTube

Available Size:

9′ x 24″ x 4″

Here is a video we Found of the California Board Company 108:

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See photos of other California Board Company models here.

Have you tried paddling on a California Board Company 108? Share with us how fun it is in the comments’ section.

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