Bing Trimulux Review

What the Bing Surfboards site says about the Trimulux:

‘Available as a square tail or a pintail, this model’s name says it all. This board can be ridden 2” smaller in length than most traditional single fins because of it’s relatively flat rocker. Flat on the deck and the bottom with a slight blended concave, Matt keeps this model an 1/8” thinner than most of the Bing models while maintaining the board’s thickness to an eggy 50/50 rail. This gives the board extra glide and turning sensitivity as well as ample noseriding ability for its size. If you’re looking for an introductory noserider but still want to turn on a dime without all the weight of a traditional board, this is it.’


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What people are saying about it:

I have a 9’6″ Trimulux. It seems to be a very user friendly board that is an outstanding paddler and great wave catcher. Turns nicely and easily, although I’m not 100% confident when I’m in very steep waves with it.” – user Chilly Willy on Surf Science

My go to longboard, the relaxed rocker makes for fast paddling and great nose riding. Some of my friends do not like the low entry rocker on take off, as complain they stuff the nose to easily. Once you get used to it though, you find it very advantageous in most aspects of longboarding.” – user Drew on Surf Science

A trimulux surfs a bit longer than it is. And it’s a wicked all around board.” – user Mizrachi on

I hear the Bing Trimulux had a super flat rocker, but when I compared it to the Silver Spoon, it wasn’t that significant.” – user Ray F. on

“I miss my Trimulux… such a fun board. GLWTS.” – user sightpoint on JamBoards

“BING – Trimulux 9’2″ A great board for East Coast beach breaks! A square tail, single fin, this models name says it all!” – Beach House Classic Boardshop on Weiku

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