Bing Quad Q4 Review

What the Bing Surfboards site says about the Quad Q4:

‘The Quad Q4 is an evolution of the twin-fin fish. Able to generate the unprecedented speed of a twin keel board but also maintain control like a modern thruster, the Q4 is loose and drivey making it ideal for waves that exceed what the normal twin keel fish maxes out in. Featuring a double-wing swallow tail design with a short and wide outline, the Q4 should be ridden 2” longer than the twin-fin fish. Average nose: 15 ¾”, Average tail: 15 ¾” (9 ½ at swallow)’

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Image Source: A1 Surf

Image Source: A1 Surf

What people are saying about it:

The Q4 is double-wing quad that is a progression and step-up from the twin-fin fish, providing more versatility in varying wave conditions. The pulled-in fish outline and the four-fin ProBox System allows for more control, drive, and maneuverability.” – Surfer Mag

Q4 Quad fish by Bing, fast like the twin-fin but maintains control like a modern thruster, whilst giving you almost as much looseness as and manoeuvrability as a modern-day shortboard.” – A1 Surf

Great all round board: flat, fast and quick turning for small days but with plenty of drive for bigger or hollower days.” – user sparky1975 on Magicseaweed

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