Bing Concave Keel Review

What the Bing Surfboards site says about the Concave Keel:

‘The Concave Keel is the newest fish in the Bing lineup. Designed to be an every day board not just a small wave cruiser. It excels in a variety of surf ranging from 2ft to a few feet overhead. Beach breaks, reefs, and points. The Concave Keel paddles great and gets into waves easily. Speed is built into this board. What makes this board so unique and special is with the extreme concave, we are able to accelerate the tail rocker in the last 6 inches off the board allowing for surprisingly tighter archs, snaps in the pocket and off the lip. This gives you a level of control that most traditional fishes don’t have. The board is extremely versatile for intermediate to experienced surfers. You can ride the Concave Keel 4 to 6 inches shorter than your normal shortboard. Important to note the Concave Keel is only available with glass on fins due to extreme concave running through the tail. We can’t accommodate fin boxes due to the angle of the box cants inward compromising the board’s performance. I would like to give credit to Ryan Burch and Rich Pavel and many other surfers on the inspiration to see the traditional fish as more than a retro design.’

Image Source: Bing Surfboards

What people are saying about it:

“Beautiful.” – user surfinmexico on Instagram

“Just get the board everyone! It’s magical.” – user addicted_to_liquid on Instagram

“I need this in my bing quiver!” – user frankie_rips on Instagram

Size chart:

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