Bing Bueno Life Review

What the Bing site says about the Bueno Life:

‘Matt and I developed the Bueno Life model with East and west coast log-riding in mind. The board is ideal for point surf and tapered peelers. The Bueno is ultra responsive in the turn department, provides great lift and stability when on the nose, goes great off the bottom and trims with the best of ’em. With a pronounced nose concave and a wide moon tail, the board drives quickly off the bottom allowing me to set up my nose rides quickly in the pocket. It holds really well once the rail is set, sticking and lifting just enough to keep you in that sweet spot. The Bueno offers up the perfect balance between loggy and loose.’

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What people are saying about it:

“Uhhh yeah can’t say enough good things about it. They really hit it out of the park imho. Turns well but still has a good log feel nose rides are amazing too. Defiantly an east coast log. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.” – LogFather on

“Very stoked on this new craft!” – gabdenis on Instagram

“Omg dude that is sick!!” – yogamatt777 on Instagram

“like a dream.” – hendorito on Instagram

“Where have you been all my life?” – lilmartisurf on Instagram

“The board is meant to be surfed the other way, but goes good backwards too. ;)” – buenolife_ on Instagram

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  • Kim Perry

    Just got my 9’6” Bueno Life. I bought it “like new” as a trade in from a heavier surfer who felt it was too light and thin for him. I am 115 at 5’5” to give you perspective. Have had it out for 3 east coast sessions. Paddles fast. Turns super easy, as a matter of fact it turns faster than I expected compared to my other Bings (Silver Spoon and Elevator). Seems to get up to speed quickly once on the wave. It feels lighter and thinner than my other 9’6” Bings. It handled steep drops fairly well. I did notice that it feels as if it does not carry as much momentum as my other Bings when I am paddling into waves. This may be due to the tail shape. I am working on finding that sweet spot for position that makes chasing waves easy but also works on a steeper drop. I havent gotten on the nose yet. Swell has not been set up for that this week. I am excited to have this board in the quiver. Hoping to wnjoy it on both E/W coasts.