Becker San Onofre Review


What the Manufacturer says about the Becker San Onofre:

‘The San Onofre may or may not give you nostalgic memories but when you ride this surfboard you will experience a hint of the past. Forget about all those over-exaggerated turns and choppy haphazard body motions. Forget about modern rock and roll. Forget about rap, This is about simplicity. This surfboard is all about smooth and classic rhythmic lines- it will be the smoothest ride of your life. We’ve added just enough new technology to a nostalgic shape to make a perfect blend of surfboard to be as dreamy as your first love.’

Image Source : Polyvore

Image Source : SurfScience

What people are saying about it:

“Really fun board. When I first picked it up, it felt pretty heavy but once you get in the water, its really really fun… You could ride this thing and catch as many waves as you can.” – Lorenzo of Board Riders Review

“If you want some hang time, this is the board for you…The shape of the san o has a flat rocker, 50/50 rails and a nice big square tail for superb off the bottom and trim. the san o weight allows for better and longer hang time and makes it real easy to catch a wave.” – SurfScience

Sizes Available:

Length: 9′ 0″ to 9′ 10″

Here is a video we found of the Becker San Onofre:

Here is an Instagram picture we found:


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