Album Supersede Review

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What the Album website says about the Supersede:

‘Simmons-style planing machine for those who like the meat of the board between their feet. Large sweet spot and drive off the back foot with surprising nimbleness and turn initiation off the front foot & entry. Squared off nose & tail, removing any excess to trim this shape down to its essential foundation. Like a fish, can be surfed in mushy points to vertical faces under head high. Single concave to slight double concave to vee off the tail. Flat deck to a slopey, slightly pinched rail. Mostly set up as a 5-fin but can be ridden in a variety of fin setups.’

Image Source: Boardcave

Image Source: SURFER Forum

24.6 - 47.6 LVolume
1 - 4ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Supersede is designed to take the Mini Simmons style of board but add in more performance characteristics. Elongated sweet spot, and nimble when surfing off the back or front foot. A great option when you like to have a little more meat in your boards. The single to double with Vee out the tail and the pinched rail keeps this board fast, stable yet loose.

The Supersede is fairly versatile. Surf this board as you would a fish, in anything from softer, mushy small waves, to hollow punchy shoulder to head high.” – Boardcave

“This board is flawless and an absolute blast to ride. Matt Parker at Album Surfboards makes these style boards so good. I’ve had several variants of the Sub model and they’re all super fun, fast and slidey.

Such a super fun board for higher tide or mushburger waves.

The last few times I’ve taken it out I have kinda tweaked my lower back. The only reason I am selling this is because I just don’t think at my age/current physical fitness level these short, little boards are not for me.” – FresnoRipper on SURFER Forum

“Sick and sleek!” – user sambonerogers on Instagram

“Those Supersedes are insane. Good work Matt and team.” – user fresnoripper on Instagram

Size Chart:

Here’s a video of the Album Supersede:

And here are pictures we found on Instagram:

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