Album Dischord Review

What the manufacturer’s site says about the Dischord:

‘The highest level of modern, performance surfing. Aggressive rocker, deep single concave allowing for finite control & maneuverability – this board is loose, fast & really fun. The Dischord excels when the waves get around chest high & above, but works in a variety of conditions – waist high to double overhead. Popular as a step-up for bigger waves also. Basically, when the waves are on and you want to take it to the next level, ride this board.’

Image Source: Album Surfboards

23.7 - 36.5 LVolume
2-8ftIdeal Wave Height

What people are saying about it:

“The Dischord is the board you want when the waves really turn on. An ultra high performance design, this board features and aggressive rocker with single concave all the way through keeping it fast and highly responsive.Best in overhead plus waves, the Dischord will essentially work in anything from waist high to double overhead. The perfect step-up board to have in your quiver for those days that they waves really turn on.” –

“Made for powerful, experienced surfers looking to rip big waves, the Album Dischord Surfboard is extremely loose and fast thanks to aggressive rocker and a deep single concave. It excels when waves are chest-high and above, but is versatile enough to handle a variety of conditions from waist-high to double-overhead. It’s also popular as a stepping stone to bigger waves when you’re not ready to fully commit to buying a dedicated big wave deck. Basically, when conditions are on, this is the board you want to be surfing with.” –

“This board is dope!” – User fiverock on Instagram

Size Chart:

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