17 Twin Fins To Ride Before You Die

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Twin fins are making a comeback. Asher Pacey, Dane Reynolds, and Dave Rastovich have been the talk of the surfing community with their turns and tight arcs on these fast and loose boards, shredding like nobody’s business. Major surfboard brands have come out with their own interpretation of the twinny – updating the rocker and rails, improving the tech used, but still sticking to the classic style and appeal of the original twin fin.

To celebrate its return, we have listed down 17 of the best twin fins that you need to ride in your lifetime.

1. Jim Banks Magic Carpet


Image Source: Jim Banks Surf

Steve Lis’ fish has been the design inspiration for the Magic Carpet. It features low soft rails for a smooth glide, a low entry rocker and a medium tail rocker for maximum speed and better control. Jim Banks also made it a point to offer the Magic Carpet in distinctive colors to give the board identity.

If you’re looking for a fast and versatile board that can whip high speed turns off the top, and ride for a good 10 years, the Magic Carpet is your best bet.

2. DHD Twin Fin


Image Source: DHD Surf

The DHD Twin Fin is perfect for both beginners and advanced surfers. Its flatter bottom allows for a faster surf and greater maneuverability. Because of the twin fin set up, making tight arcs on small wave surfaces and drawing creative lines on better waves will never be a problem. You also have the option to add a stabilizing fin so you can surf up to 6 feet!

3. DVS Hydro Hull Fish


Image Source: Fluid Concept UK

Dick Van Straalen, the man behind DVS Surfboards, personally shapes each board by hand to match its rider; hence, volume and dimensions are customized. His Hydro Hull Fish is reminiscent of old school fishes, with its wide point forward and a traditional vee-shaped tail. It has a really deep concave at the bottom, that runs through the middle of the board and back to the rail. This board is all about speed and acceleration thanks to its Hydro Hull design.

4. Skip Frye Fish


Image Source: Andrew Kidman

Skip Frye has been in the business of shaping and designing surfboards since 1963, and he is well-known for his Fishes. As a self-proclaimed speed guy, he favors boards with less fin as extra fin area increases the board’s drag. Hence, over time the fins on his boards have become smaller and smaller.

Looking to trim faster and blast through sections? A Skip Frye board will do the job.

5. Steve Lis Fish


Image Source: Hydrodynamica

Ironically, the very first Fish was not created by a surfer. It was actually a kneeboarder named Steve Lis who pioneered the design. He noticed that the swim fins on his pintail kneeboard were causing too much drag and this was going to be a problem if he intended to ride the hollowest reef breaks in San Diego.

Surfers started to take notice when Jeff Ching rode a stand-up version of his design. Since then, shapers have drawn inspiration from it and came up with their own versions of the classic twin-fin Fish.

6. Mark Richards Free Ride


Image Source: Mark Richards Surfboards

Mark Richards made the very first Free Ride twin-fin in 1977. He has then regarded the board as his “secret weapon” in winning four consecutive World Championships.

The modern Free Ride is a direct replica of the twin-fin that Richards rode in the classic movie, “Free Ride.” It features a full pointed nose, a swallow tail for better board holding power, and a deep-V bottom, and a fluted wing to reduce slide when turning.

7. Town and Country’s Old School Fish


Image Source: Town and Country Surfboards East

T&C has tweaked the classic Fish design for improved performance in the water. The new features include a small teardrop concave nose to easily catch waves, and chime rails for better rail-to-rail surfing.

The Old School Fish is also available as a thruster, quad and five-fin.

8. Rusty Surfboards Twin Fin


Image Source: Rusty Surfboards

This board was built particularly for Josh Kerr, with the design that Rusty used while working with Shaun Tomson. The old template was updated with a shallow single concave that feeds into the vee. This along with other additions to the original design makes for a more solid turn.

9. Lost’s 1997 RNF Classic


Image Source: Surf Tangents

The 1997 RNF Classic is considered to be one of Lost’s greatest surfboard designs. It is the exact replica of the board that Cory Lopez used in his classic video some 15 years ago. Despite being a Fish, control will not be an issue when shredding and pushing through turns. The narrower swallow tail and its other features allow for a comfortable, fun and solid surf. You can read our review on the 1997 RNF Classic here.

10. Channel Islands Twin Fin


Image Source: Channel Islands Surfboards

Shaped by Britt Merrick, Channel Islands Twin Fin’s design was inspired by Britt’s father’s board. He took the template and improved its rocker for a more modern feel. Because it was originally a retro board, Britt made the rails thin and tapered to improve responsiveness. The board can also handle weak to head high beachbreaks.

If you are looking for a board that feels great under the arm and feet, can go from zero to 60 in a flash, and will give you a fun ride, the CIS Twin Fin is your magic board.

11. DHD Mini Twin


Image Source: DHD Surf

If you want a ride that is more lively and loose like Asher Pacey then the DHD Mini Twin is perfect for you. The board is designed for easy paddling and the thinned out tail allows for pushing through turns. All in all, it’s a versatile board that comes in different artwork for that added personality.

12. Joe Bauguess Mini Simmons


Image Source: Joe B. Surf Shapes

Joe Bauguess was asked to create a foam replica of the original Simmons board, after doing a restoration on a battered one. He was then commissioned to make a short version, and the rest was history. The Mini Simmons features a scooped nose, parallel rails, displacement bottom, and a wide tail block that allows you to easily catch waves and speed up. It guarantees a different kind of ride every time.

13. Chris Christenson’s Monarch


Image Source: SurfRide, Inc.

The Monarch is Chris Christenson’s updated version of his Fish. It features a pulled in nose, rocket keel fins and a bump swallow tail. It’s definitely a performance oriented board that will help you surf tighter in the pocket.

14. The Gary McNeill Rasta Torus Twin


Image Source: Gary McNeil Concepts

Gary McNeill’s take on the twin boasts a fast and free ride. It features a wider outline through the center and fuller rails, a thinned out nose tip, and an elongated classic fish tail. And because the board has torus channels running through it, you can expect better control while flying through waves.

15. Mark Richards’ Super Twin

Image Source: ColdWaterState

Image Source: ColdWaterState

The Super Twin is what Mark Richards rides the most from his line of twinnys. Pros like Kelly Slater, Luke Egan and Brian Keaulana also have the Super Twin in their quiver. That fact alone could easily be the reason why it’s Richards’ most popular model.

It has a wider template and nose area for easy paddling and flotation. The single to double concave bottom helps make the board go faster. For anyone looking for a fast, loose and fun surf, the the Super Twin is worth looking into.

16. Campbell Brothers Alpha Omega


Image Source: Campbell Brothers Surfboards

The first ever Alpha Omega was built Fall-Winter of 1977-78 as their offering to the twin fin craze stirred up by the legendary Mark Richards. 34 years later, they brought it back with some modifications. They used their original nose template and the fins were made similar to that of MR’s, but made the tail narrower and the bottom created with the Bonzer Light Vehicle design. It’s a supercharged board perfect for those who love twinnys.

17. Bing’s Twin Fin Fish


Image Source: Bing Surfboards

Perhaps the most distinct feature of Bing’s Twin Fin Fish is its 1970’s outline and a modern shortboard’s rail. Its creator, Matt Calvani, was able to combine the glide of a longboard and the speed and maneuverability of a shortboard for the ultimate twin-fin surfing experience. You can read more about Bing’s Twin Fin Fish here.

Have you ridden one of these? Is there a twin fin that you think should also be on the list? Comment below!

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