Tackling the Possibly Biggest Wave at CloudBreak

2012 was the year a massive swell was seen at Cloudbreak. But this year marks another unforgettable moment for surfers like Kelly Slater, Dane Gudauskas, Luke Shepardson, Makua Rothman and Ramon Navarro as they tackle what’s possibly the largest swell to hit Fiji. Some surfers waited it out but not these men.

Kelly Slater paddled into a mega wave, and it was captured by Taylor Curran in the video below.

Luke Shepardson proved he’s always ready for anything big. Watch the video below to see him slot himself in a barrel.

Makua Rothman survives a horrific wipeout and comes away unscathed. He says it was his wave of a lifetime. “Thank you Danilo Couto for the whip. Mahalo to my brother Koa Rothman for making this happen for me, packing all my stuff and making me go on this one. Mahalo to Kai Garcia for saving me after this wave. Uri Kurop, without you, none of this would of been possible,” Rothman says.

Dane Gudauskas wasn’t afraid to try his luck and paddled into one of Cloudbreak’s first waves. And Ramon Navarro claimed an oversized wave. Is this massive barrel the biggest one yet after the 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro? Watch the video below.

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