Slater’s Boards Undergo Scientific Analysis With CFD Tech

The Sci-Fi on CFD | Photo Credit: Firewire

Any surfboard that goes under the feet of the eleven-time World Champion, Kelly Slater is watched by the keen and critical eyes of the entire surfing community. So it would be interesting to know the science behind the performance of the boards that Slater uses.

Although shaping surfboards is an art, there is a lot of science that goes into the process. Shapers consider many factors when shaping surfboards, including the relationship of the rails, nose, the tail and the contours of the board and the performance it delivers.

In this video, the guys at Firewire talk about Computational Field Dynamics (CFD), what Mark Price refers to as “the logical next step in the evolution of the modern surfboard.” They consult the Italian scientist Ricardo Rossi about how Computational Field Dynamics is useful in determining the design and functionality of the surfboard to fine-tune the performance of such boards for different conditions.

The boards which were analyzed with CFD technology include the Sci-Fi, the Omni and the Tomo Vader. Watch below as the guys dissect the performance of the different boards from Firewire and Tomo Surfboards.