Mikey O’Shaughnessy: Life is Worth Living

Depression, a mental health disorder, is a wide-known condition that people experience all around the world. There are treatments available and some people are able to seek help; but for others, it’s something they aren’t able to fight, which leads to a range of physical and behavioral problems. Unfortunately, their loved ones suffer from it too.

300 million people from all around the world suffer from depression; and surfers are no exception. Mikey O’Shaughnessy, a big wave charger, lost someone very dear to him, and it has greatly impacted the surfing community as well.

Mikey is known to always extend a hand to those who need it, and in the wake of this sad event, he shares his latest clip, Something Better, to offer positivity and inspire others that life is worth living.

Watch the four-minute video below:

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