Jack Freestone’s Miraculous Tube-Exit

MEO Rip Curl Pro has just wrapped up with Gabriel Medina taking home the crown, but we still can’t get enough of watching other competitors doing stunts that some fans even think are impossible to pull off. In the finals and semi-finals, pro surfers Julian Wilson, Kanoa Igarashi, Kolohe Andino and Mick Fanning surely impressed the judges and the fans. But here’s another surfer who surely wowed them, Jack Freestone.

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According to Jack, it was the best 9-point ride of his life. “I don’t know what I gotta do to get a 10. Like, what’s a bloke gotta do?”, Jack said while watching a replay of his tube exit. It may not be a 10, but he still was able to leave us in awe.

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