Did Julian Wilson Just Do A New Surf Move?

Julian Wilson may have just invented a new surf move. The 2017 Billabong Pro Tahiti champ posted a clip of his latest edit, Wayward, on Instagram and the guys at Stab have analyzed and broken down every single move calling the entire maneuver the “Backside Varial Big Spin.”

Here’s Stab’s break down for y’all:

Julian takes off on this left and heads towards a rather unassuming ramp. He does the air. While in the air he does a shuv-it, he grabs his rail and flicks the board a full 360 degrees – this is what categorizes this as a “varial” trick. Jules then rotates his body 180 degrees, landing with his chest facing the wave – the twist of his body turns this into a big spin.

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