Back When Kelly Slater Was a Grom: A Flashback From The King’s Younger Days

“The King of Surfing” Kelly slater, was the youngest and also the oldest surfer in the world to win world titles. This record is not something that can be easily broken anytime soon. Slater has spent several years on the top. And although he is no longer at the top, his influence remains strong through different generations of surfers.

This makes a flashback from his past a very interesting feat. Many surfers of today’s generation have yet to see what Kelly Slater looked like back in his younger years. And we are all lucky to have access to this footage by Herbie Fletcher.

RCVA has partnered with advocate and legend, Herbie Fletcher to bring his archival footage to life in a series of edits he has produced. The series is titled “The Thrill is Back”.

The very first episode in this series is Fletcher’s Archival footage of Kelly Slater’s younger days where Fletcher narrates through the early footage of Kelly Slater on the north shore and some super 8 footage of Kelly in the 1990 Trestles event.