World-Class Waves You Can’t Surf


Surfers love adventure even in the face of danger. The thought of reaping the rewards associated with the risk appeals to most. And as long as there is a wave worth the pleasure more than the danger, surfers will go for it. But where do you stop? Which waves in the world, no matter how good, can’t be surfed?

Well there are quite a bunch of world-class waves that are nearly impossible to surf in, not because of the dangerous water condition, but because of the geographical location. These are some of the word’s best waves you can’t go to, at least not easily.

Taiwanese Waves During a Typhoon Swell

The robust coastline of Taiwan’s eastern side facing the pacific has its share of world-class waves. When there is a storm, that’s when the best waves come. Unfortunately, there is a law that if a typhoon comes within a specified distance off the coast of the island nation, the police are given legal right to remove anyone from the water, no exceptions. And if surfers refuse to leave, they get videotaped and fined.

The law has been around since the martial law era in Taiwan, when the entire coastline was a high security zone with the imminent threat of an invasion from the PRC. Back then it was okay because only fishermen and swimmers had to get out of the water. Today, when surfers want to get in, they can’t.

A Long Sand Bottom Right-hander in the Western Sahara

One of the best waves in Western Sahara is located on the Moroccan Royal Marine Base. John, who tried venturing into the place to surf, recalled how the guards at the base did not allow any surfing at all. Too bad, because it has one of the best long right hand sets on a sand bottom you will ever find in the Western Sahara.

Waves of Western Sahara | Image Source: Mark Mercer | Magic Seaweed

Waves in the DPRK

There are some good swells in North Korea, but getting into the country to surf and getting out safe is close to impossible. The country has some great waves that you can only dream of surfing, literally. Unless you are insane and have no other place to surf in the world, it might be worth risking.

Image Source: Google Earth

Northern Queensland

Australia is home to some of the best world-class waves. The northern part of Queensland gets pretty good swells worthy of a surf trip. The only problem is that jellyfish is abundant in this location. This makes surfing in the area risky, and will force you to detour to other surf spots in Australia.

Jelly Fish | Image Source BBC

Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station
This Hawaiian beach break is such a beauty and pumps one of the best surfable waves on the planet. But it is in a military base making it off-limits, unless you are part of the U.S. Military.

Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station | Image Source: Blogspot

Point Mugu
Point Mugu is situated between Malibu and Oxnard in Southern California. It is a left-hander beachbreak that no matter how beautiful is somewhat inaccessible unless you work for the United States Navy. The beach is part of a U.S. Naval base that is off-limits to outsiders. Unless you can secure permits, it may be close to impossible to surf here.

Are these waves part of your surfing bucket list? Do you know another unsurfable wave that is not on the list? Comment them below.

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