Young Surfer Surfs Over A Shark in NSW Beach


Surfing and sharks have become synonymous. With the countless shark attacks reported around the world, surfers are pretty much ready for any encounter. But no matter how prepared you are, seeing one in the flesh will definitely give you a fright.

19-year-old Mitch Hargreaves was surfing at Cellito Beach in New South Wales in hopes of getting footage of some dolphins around the area. Armed with his GoPro, he paddled on not expecting to have a dangerous companion during his session.

The young surfer who surfed over a shark | Photo Credit: Instagram

In an interview with Manly Daily, Hargreaves shared his encounter. “At first I thought it was seaweed, but as I got closer I saw it was moving and it was a shark. I was alongside it and then I went over it. I was in disbelief. I tried yelling ‘shark’ through my mouthpiece to warn my dad and the others behind me, but no-one heard.”

The shark that Hargreaves saw while surfing

It was hard to gauge how big the shark is, or what kind, but locals think it was a bull shark and Hargreaves estimated it to be 6 feet long.

Bull Shark

The experience, however, did not deter the young surfer as he went back to the same break for some surf the next day.

“I went back to the same break, but I was much more alert for sharks and I think I will be wherever I surf from now on,” Hargreaves said.

Watch the full footage below:

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