Will Mick Fanning End His Competitive Career At Next Bells Beach Event?

Mick Fanning has always been in the Limelight and always got a lot of attention from fans and the media for his wonderful Career. He had his share of victories and down times this year. He has surfed Alaskan icebergs, had some wins in the World Championship Tour Events, and had some modeling stints.

But what’s next for the three time World Champion?

Occy had Mick on his talkshow/podcast series recently where he pried into Mick’s brains to get a glimpse inside. Mick talked about the gaping year that passed, his recent travels and his future plans for a return into competition.

But is seems Mick has subtly revealed his retirement plans. “All I know for sure is I’ll be surfing Snapper and Bells,” says Mick Fanning in the 7th episode of Occ-Cast. “It’s my dream to retire at Bells. I’m not sure if it will be this year or when I’m 50, but I really want to end my career there.”

Do you think Mick will retire at the next Bells Beach Event?