Wavegarden Barcelona-Montgat Set To Open On Spring 2018

Wave Garden Technology | Photo Credit: Wavegarden

A 15,000-square-meter man-made wave lagoon that will occupy a total land area of 48,500 square meter is set to open in the Catalonian district of Spain using Wavegarden Technology. The said wave pool is capable of pumping up to five and a half foot waves in four-second intervals. This public Wavegarden complex will cost around 10 million Euros and will be the first to open in the country.

The surf park is expected to debut the second generation of Wavegarden technology. The wave pool will be triangular in shape and will generate barreling waves and A-frame waves, both left and right-handers.

“Montgat is an iconic place for natural surfing, and it will also be for artificial surfing,” explained Pau Serracanta, one of the promoters of the pool project. “It will not be a water park, there will be no bathing area, only surfing will be practiced.”

The Wavegarden Barcelona-Montgat surf park is capable of accommodating 108 surfers an hour in the freshwater lagoon. Commercial areas, shops, and restaurants, are also part of the project.

The new artificial wave complex using Wavegarden technology will charge between 20 and 35 Euros an hour, and is set to open in Spring of 2018.