Tyler Wright Secures Her Second World Title


Tyler Wright at the Maui Pro | Image source: news.com.au

Tyler Wright is officially a two-time world champion, after a winning performance and some surprising turns of events at the season-ending Maui Pro.

Wright entered the Maui Pro just two months after a painful knee injury. Leg brace and all, she stood to compete with strong contenders standing in her path to a second world title.

Fate, however, was on the defending champion’s side. World number one Sally Fitzgibbons fell early to wildcard Brisa Hennessy in an unexpectedly slow heat.

Another main contender for the title, American Courtney Conlogue, lost her round four heat to Aussie Nikki Van Dijk.

This left Tyler Wright up against Brisa Hennessy in a quarter-final match. The 23-year-old opened with only a 1.73 before a 10-minute lull in the waves. Hennessy then failed to complete a tube, scoring only a 1.73.

Wright responded with her best score of the heat, an 8.5 barrel. Hennessy’s follow-up was again clipped, producing just a 3.5. Tyler rounded out her performance with a 7.6 wave, totaling a score of 16.10, which Brisa could not beat even with her following best score of 5.83.

At the end of the heat, Wright embraced her coach, former pro surfer Glenn Hall, whose dedication she credited with her back-to-back titles. “It takes a team to do this.”

Also in Hawaii to watch her win was Wright’s mother and family.

A second world title was the fulfillment of a goal Wright set in 2015. “I kind of decided in 2015 that I was going to win one every year and I wanted to hold true to that.”

Tyler Wright’s next competition is in the Maui Pro semi-finals, going up against six-time world champion Stephanie Gilmore.

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