Trav McCoy’s Wakeup Call Came in the Form of a Fin

Trav McCoy is known to be a heavy surfer. He loves chasing waves all over the world. Even though these big waves push him down and beat him up, he still manages to enjoy the thrills they bring. His enthusiasm in conquering waves also applies in his life now as he discovered something new yet quite scary.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Trav just got back from a four-month stint in Indonesia and after three days of staying home, a solid swell just really made him and his good friend grab their boards and hit the waves. On his fifth wave, his board slipped out, he went under the water, and the fin hit him in his forehead just above his eyebrow right up to his hairline. The gash knocked him out but doctors say he was lucky.

A CAT scan was ordered and surprising news was delivered to Trav. A 3cm mass was found in his brain, which was not related to his injury. He was given two options – get a biopsy or get a new scan in a few months. In his interview with Stab, Trav says he’s decided to check back in a few months.

The fin that caused this injury might have hurt Trav, but it came as a blessing in disguise; a wake-up call according to him. In the video below, he was caught saying: “You’ve got to cherish all the good moments. Don’t take everything for granted. You just don’t know when the finish line is coming out.”

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