Surf Therapy for Children with Special Needs Gets Support


Image Source: A Walk On Water Org

When our favorite surfers are not out on the water catching waves, what do they actually do? Well, here’s what Courtney Conlogue has been up to. She’s actually still in the water, but she’s doing it to support the event A Walk on Water.

A Walk on Water is a surf therapy event dedicated to children with special needs. Anyone who wants to join just needs to provide guided surf instruction to children with special needs. The effects of surfing are known to gain self-confidence as well as promote therapeutic benefits. Children who get cheers from family and friends feel a sense of accomplishment.

Each year, 200 children and their families share the joy of this exciting event. A lot of volunteers and generous donors participate in the event to make sure it’s always a success.

According to AWOW President, Steven Lippman, this event enables them to introduce surfing to families, get them involved, and introduce them to the ocean’s attributes.

Courtney Conlogue says, “This is one of my favorite events because it’s utilizing surf as surf therapy, and just spreading our love and passion for surfing with all these children and young athletes, and getting them out there on the board, getting them to stand up for the first time.”

You saw what happened today with the little ones out in the water and then getting their trophies. It’s a nice thing to be a part of. A little reminder of gratitude and love and having each other’s back,” says Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Haole, the surf dog, was also present. He’s always had a special effect on the kids ever since the first event. He’s been an inspiration for the children showing how relaxed he is in a surfboard, Haole’s parents say.

Here’s a video shared by The Inertia team:

If you want to be a part of this event too, check out AWOW’s website.

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