Shark Attacks Teen While Wearing Shark Deterrent Band

Victim, Zack Davis after Shark Attack | Photo Credit CBS 12 News

A local teen-aged surfer has been attacked by a shark while wearing a shark repellant band in North Hutchinson Island leaving a massive shark jaw bite mark on his arm. The victim identified as Zack Davis was brought to the hospital and needed 44 stitches to mend the wound. Doctors say it looks like the culprit was a black tip Shark.

Zack was wearing a SharkBanz when the attack occurred. SharkBanz is a plastic band with magnetic technology that is advertised to repel sharks away from swimmers. Zack got it as a present for Christmas from his mother.

According to CBS 12 News, SharkBanz contacted Zack informing him that he was the first to be attacked while wearing the band.
“We’re in the process of gathering all known facts about the encounter from the victim. It’s important for us to assess all the information regarding the circumstances in order to understand the shark’s behavior, what ultimately caused the bite, and whether it was preventable,” says SharkBanz in a statement released to CBS 12 News.

Zack was discharged from the hospital and is recovering, SharkBanz is giving him new wristbands. The company scientists reviewed the incident and they believe the shark let go of the victim’s arms quicker because of the technology.