Russell Bierke Surfs Again

Russell Bierke is back. It can be recalled that last April, the Red Bull Cape Fear big wave champion got wiped out during a surf session outside of Port Cambell and was rescued by Kelly Slater and other surfers on the scene. He shared his very first surf session after his near-death experience in this under four minutes clip entitled “By A Thread”.

“I remember feeling almost euphoric… as soon as they put on the oxygen mask on me, I started coughing and vomiting liters of water, I realized where I was,” Bierke relates in the video. “The wave breaks a couple of kilometers away from the beach so if the local boys didn’t have a Jet Ski out there, I’m not sure I would have made it back to the beach on time.”

He shared how he felt about the accident and how it has affected his passion for big wave surfing and said, “It hasn’t really turned me off surfing big waves at all. This sort of thing can happen in any size conditions really, I just need to take it as a freak accident.”

Now Bierke surfs again and showcases a combination of elevator drops, backside barrels, and some heavy slabs in this video below, proving that he is really back in shape. Will Bierke be ready for another big wave event?

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