Round By Round: What Went Down At The Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2017


Stephanie Gilmore at Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2017 | Photo Credit: WSL

The recent Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2017 saw a huge comeback from Stephanie Gilmore, the 6-time World Champion who experienced quite a performance drought for the past few years. Gilmore last won a CT event back in 2014 and only got the Jeep yellow jersey back after a long time. But what went down at the Roxy Pro Gold Coast? How did it all lead to this result? Let’s look back at the important moments of the event from the first round up to the final.

Round 1
Top seeds have dominated most of Round 1. Four out of the six top surfers of the 2016 CT have won their respective heats. But a huge upset was seen in heat 3 where World Champion Tyler Wright lost to World No. 11 Nikki Van Dijk. Van Dijk hit the water on fire with her very first wave of the season finishing up strong with a solid 8.83 score earned from multiple turns that have been executed excellently. Alyssa Lock and Tyler Wright both tried to answer back but both could not find a wave to equal the 8 range score. After backing up her score with a 6.33, Van Dijk secured the win taking down the World Champ right in the event opener.

Round 2
The second round was an exciting one with some outstanding heat performances from Tyler Wright and Lakey Peterson. Tyler Wright bagged the win in Heat 3 against Alyssa Lock with a combination of a near perfect 9.50 ride supported by an excellent 8.00 back up score. Her great execution and a lethal combination of maneuvers showed why she is a World Champ.

Tyler Wright vs. Alyssa Lock Round 2 Heat 3:

Lakey Peterson had one of the best heats of her life and the first perfect wave score of her career in Heat 6 of the second round. She first scored a near perfect 9.27 and backed it up with a 10.00 wave to come up with a 19.27 total out of a possible 20.00. That wave was just perfect for Lakey as she charged down the line with beautiful carves and got barreled on the same wave.

Watch Lakey’s first Perfect 10 wave below:

Round 3
An action packed Round 3 saw a mix of heartbreaking losses and outstanding wins. Tatiana Weston-Webb got eliminated by fellow Hawaiian Coco Ho by a very slim margin of 0.29 points. Coco’s near perfect 9.83 wave enabled her to move up to the fourth round.

Tyler Wright continued to execute well and won her very own heat with another excellent 9.0 ride. Both Carissa Moore and Stephanie Gilmore posted scores enabling them to move past the said round.

Round 4
The fourth round was a tight battle where winners just won with very slim margins. Nikki Van Dijk defeated Coco Ho 15.67 to 14.94. Lakey Peterson eliminated Tatiana Weston-Webb 13.43 to 13.17. Stephanie Gilmore took down Courtney Conlogue 16.40 to 16.33. Although Conlogue posted the highest single wave score of the round with her near perfec 9.50, her back up score was not enough to defend her lead against Gilmore who did a buzzer beater 8.40 score.

Steph’s Buzzer Beater:

Quarterfinal Round
The quarterfinals was as exciting as it could get. Two solid waves mark the highlight of this round, Lakey Peterson’s near perfect 9.27 wave and Stephanie Gilmore’s perfect 10.00 ride. Both surfers made it to the Semifinals along with Johann Defay and Sally Fitzgibbons.

Stephanie Gilmore’s 10.00 wave:

Semifinal Round
Lakey Peterson almost repeated her 10.00 wave from the earlier round in the Semifinal Heat 1 against French pro Johanne Defay. Lakey’s 9.93 gave her a comfortable margin of 4.90 to advance to the Final round. Meanwhile, Stephanie Gilmore is faced with another tough opponent Sally Fitzgibbons. Gilmore secured her slot to the Final when she earned a solid 8.77 from a series of well-executed combination maneuvers and Fitzgibbons could not find just enough points to regain the lead as time ran out.

Final Round
The final round between Stephanie Gilmore and Lakey Peterson was a tough one, but the surfer who performed more consistently emerged the winner. Lakey scored mid range 5.83 and 6.83 and couldn’t seem to find her rhythm. Gilmore took a solid 7.93 and patched her score up with an excellent 8.67 ride, securing her 25th career Championship Tour event win.

Replay of the final round of the Roxy Pro Gold Coast 2017:

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