Olympic Surfing in KS Wave Co – Kelly Hopes

KS Wave Co is truly becoming a part of surfing history as it enters the WSL community by hosting a few of its events in the CT tour. But Kelly isn’t stopping there.

Kelly surfing | Image Source: KS Wave Co

The 11-time World Champ voiced out his ambitions for KS Wave Co to NBC Sports. Asked if he’ll be competing for the Olympics, he says, “I’m 50-50. If I make the team, I’ll compete.”

NBC states, “Slater said he hopes that Olympic surfing organizers would adopt his company’s wave-pool technology for the Games rather than holding it on the Pacific Coast.”

In an interview with Inertia, Fernando Aguerre, International Surfing Association President, says, “It was that there was no facility that has hosted world championships, no facility that is a proven viable business model, and the IOC was not going to allow the building of a $30 million wave pool in Tokyo only to discover it’s too expensive to operate.”

A nation-based team event is about to happen this May at Kelly’s Surf Ranch. 25 of the world’s best surfers are going to compete in this man-made pool. If the facility is able to host this event successfully, can we expect Kelly’s hopes to come true? Well, we all have to wait and see.

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