Occy Joins Wave Pool War


Artist’s Rendition of Occy Surfing in Surf Lakes Wavepool | Image Source: Surf Lakes

Former world champ Mark Occhilupo joins the wave pool war to support an Australian startup company that claims to be building a Teahupool. With an already fierce battle between, Wavegarden, Kelly Slater Wave Co., and American Wave Machines, the addition of another competitor makes it all the more exciting!

News began to fill the internet, of the Brisbane startup company named Surf Lakes, which plans to create a multi-break surf park. This idea is quite different from existing wave park technologies in the sense that it seeks to offer a variety of waves.

Occy is now part of Surf Lakes to provide financial support and to stand as a surf industry adviser. Surf Lakes told Fox Sports Australia that the former Teahupoo champ helped them design a wave that is capable of breaking similar to the world famous Tahitian reef break. Their wave is capable of sending 6-8 foot tubes across a 60-yard pool. They nicknamed it “Occy’s Peak,” and is poised to be a game-changer in the never-ending war of wave pools.

Artist’s Rendition of A Wave Park that uses Surf Lakes’ Technology | Image Source: Surf Lakes

Occy told Fox Sports Australia, “The other wave pools we’ve seen out there, they’re pretty good, but this one is next level.” He expressed admiration for Kelly’s wave pool but said theirs will be bigger. “That (Kelly Slater’s wave) was incredible and, I’m not being biased, but I really think this is going to outdo it. Kelly’s is perfect, don’t get me wrong, and it’s long. But this is just a lot bigger and we’ve got variety,” said the former world champ with confidence.

In this 7 News footage below, Occy claimed that Surf Lakes has eight different waves in one lake, and these are not small waves by any means.

Surf Lakes yet has to release a visual evidence to validate their claims on the capabilities of their technology, and the construction of a demo and testing pool in Queensland is still underway. The location remains a secret, but it is somewhere north of Brisbane.

Here is another 7 News footage talking about the new wave pool:

With such incredible claims including the ability to pump more waves per minute than that of Wavegarden’s “The Cove”, it is clear that Surf Lakes is determined to join the already raging wave pool battle, and wishes to dominate above the competition.

Will this be the best wave pool technology in the world? Share your thoughts with us about this new development in the comments section below.

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