Nikki Van Dijk, Ezekiel Lau Score Victories at Cascais


Cascais Women’s Pro Champ Nikki Van Dijk

October 4th was an exciting day in Cascais, Portugal as the Cascais Women’s Pro wrapped up, crowning a winner and posting new numbers to the rankings.

The Women’s Pro Finals saw three-time World Champion Carissa Moore up against World No. 7 Nikki Van Dijk from Victoria, Autralia. Van Dijk had beaten some serious competition to reach the finals, including World No. 1 Sally Fitzgibbons in the Semifinals and Lakey Peterson in the Quarterfinals. It would be her first time competing in a CT Final.

The final 35-minute faceoff began with an early lead by Van Dijk, who racked up a 10.17 total in the first 10 minutes. Moore caught up with a 7.83 score on the best wave of the heat, but Van Dijk regained the lead, putting a 2.84 gap between herself and Moore. The former Champ tried wave after wave in the remaining minutes, but fell short on her last score of 2.27, leaving Van Dijk the victor of the event.

Winning was the fulfillment of an eight-year-old dream, according to Van Dijk, who said the euphoria made her hungry to win even more. Her first ever CT victory, it was also the first time a Victorian had won in the CT since Tony Ray at Lacanau in 1992. The win has lifted Van Dijk from 7th to 5th place on the Jeep Leaderboard.

Van Dijk now at 5th place on Leaderboard | Image source:

The EDP Billabong Pro Cascais saw its completion yesterday, with Hawaiian Ezekiel Lau taking on Brazil’s Italo Ferreira in dropping swell at Guincho.

Old school power and new world flair were Ezekiel’s game during the final. He scored excellent 6-plus point scores, finishing with a final score of 12.90. The Hawaiian put his exceptional performance down to a year of learning about himself, and realizing he did his best when approaching a comp “like any other day”.

Ezekiel Lau wins EDP Billabong Pro Cascais

Ferreira had been at the top of his game throughout the competition, but yesterday’s softer sections seemed somewhat a challenge to the Brazilian, offering fewer opportunities to impress. After a somewhat iffy opening, he took a brief lead, only to have Lau take it back with his second wave. Nonetheless, Ferreira gave the Final his all, to finish a mere 0.8 points behind Lau.

It was Ferreira’ third time taking second place in Portugal, and he hopes optimistically to one day achieve a win.

The Cascais event has sent both Lau and Ferreira rocketing up the QS ratings – Lau from 105th place to 12th, and Ferreira from 97th to 17th.

QS rankings post-Cascais | Image source:

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