New Game-Changing Wave Pool Tech Is Coming


URBNSURF wave pool | Photo Credit: URBNSURF

In a race towards greatness in wave pool building, wave pool development companies have continually sought for innovative enhancements to existing technologies to come up with the ultimate wave machine that could shape the future of competitive surfing.

There were previous announcements about man-made waves in Australia and URBNSURF was the company behind the promise of bringing in these waves in major Australian cities such as Perth, Melbourne and Sydney. But these pools will be built using Wavegarden’s existing infrastructure, which has not been that reliable and has had its share of troubles.

While it can be exciting in its own right that man-made waves will soon be breaking ground in urban cities and land-locked locations in Australia, the fact that these pools will be using Wavegarden technology isn’t as exciting, given the huge popularity of Kelly Slater’s wave pool tech that has every good feature of size, power and the barreling waves giving surfers a perfect tube riding experience.

Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool:

But it seems URBNSURF has an answer prepared for this. They have recently revealed that their technology provider has a new secret system that can produce barrels too. This latest Wavegarden technology is referred to as the “Cove.” According to Stab, the Executive Chairman of URBNSURF Andrew Ross has revealed some information that the “Cove” design has significantly evolved from the original “Lagoon.”

The URBNSURF wave pool teaser:

The new design is expected to produce high quality, two-meter high waves. And to make it more exciting, it has the ability to pump waves with a frequency of one wave every four seconds. The Cove does not make use of wave foils, unlike the Lagoon design, which enables it to deliver different types of waves, heights and frequencies.

There’s a hint that the design could produce barrels where the wave starts on a steep elevator-drop barrel and is followed by a clean face, enabling surfers to maneuver a combination of turns. It can be pretty exciting, however official news from Wavegarden about this is yet to be released. But if this tech delivers a wave every four seconds, it can be close to one thousand waves a minute, which is far better than the long waits needed to get a decent barreling wave at Kelly Slater’s ranch. This could be an ultimate game-changer.

New Wavegarden Tech can produce barrels | Photo Credit: URBNSURF

If this new technology turns out well and if it is more stable than previous Wavegarden infrastructure, given the commercial feasibility of being able to mass produce waves with shorter wait times, it can be a big threat to Kelly’s Wave Co., not to mention other wave pool technologies also on the rise.

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