Mick Fanning’s Thoughts About Slater’s Wavepool

Mick surfing in Kelly’s wave pool | Photo Credit:@mfanno

“It didn’t feel like a wavepool, it felt like a real wave,” these were the words that Mick Fanning uttered as he exited Kelly Slater’s wavepool after catching barrel after barrel in the man-made wave. For someone who has been into a top secret right-hand sand bottom point only referred to as the “snake,” Fanning knows what a real barrel should feel like.

“It’s crazy how far surfing has progressed over the years! With things like the @kswaveco eventually you’ll be able to surf everywhere,” says Mick on his Instagram post showing a photo of him getting barreled at Kelly’s ranch. Could this mean that Kelly’s wave is the best barreling wavepool so far?

Watch the footage below:

“I’m Not Leavin” @mfanno #ThanksMick #TBT

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