Mick Fanning With Quick Start At J Bay


Mick Fanning, who suffered an ankle injury the day after he arrived at Jeffreys bay has been placed in the very first heat of J Bay Open. The world has been looking forward to his return to J Bay, after his world-famous shark encounter during last year’s event.

Fanning had his hands full with Conner Coffin and Alejo Muniz in the first heat of round 1. But he has displayed his smooth and flowing style right when he stood up as if there has been no ankle injury.

Meanwhile in other heats of round 1 the following surfers dominated their respective heats:
Heat 2 Italo Ferreira BRA
Heat 3 Kanoa Igarashi USA
Heat 4 Adrianode Souza BRA
Heat 5 Gabriel Medina BRA
Heat 6 Davey Cathels AUS
Heat 7 Kelly Slater USA
Heat 8 Kolohe Andino USA
Heat 9 Jordy Smith ZAF
Heat 10 Caio Ibelli BRA
Heat 11 Julian Wilson AUS
Heat 12 Sebastian Zietz HAW

Watch J Bay 2016 Opening Day Highlights Below: