Melbourne to Get Its First Surf Park in 2019

Artist’s impression of Melbourne’s surf park | URBNSURF

After countless press releases, Australia is finally having its own wave pool as news confirms that construction will start this month after raising $28.1 million in funds. The country’s very first surf pool will be built in Tullamarine airport and will use Wavegarden’s Cove tech.

The Cove is a simple yet revolutionary piece of tech that mimics the water movement of ocean ground swells to produce perfect waves every single time. It’s highly efficient and lets you alter wave height and frequency in a push of a button.

URBNSURF, the company responsible for bringing wave pools in Perth and Sydney as well, will build a surf park that can create “up to 1,000 quality, six-foot ocean-like surfing waves every hour.” That’s pretty impressive when compared to the 10 waves per hour that Kelly’s Surf Ranch pumps out. The 2.1-hectare lagoon will be very much like in size of the MCG, can accommodate 84 surfers every hour, and will have rights and lefts, beginner, intermediate and advanced waves.

Aside from the six different surfing zones, guests can also enjoy the surf park’s different amenities like bars, restaurants, a surfing academy, a high-performance training center, fitness classes, retail stores, and festival and event spaces. URBNSURF also plans to hold amateur and professional surf competitions some time in the future.

The surf park is expected to open in Easter 2019.

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