KS Wave Co to Host Two to Three Major Events for TV?

Kelly Slater’s first wave pool proposal was in South Florida. The application stated that the commercial surf park would be open to the public and would serve as a training facility as well as host events. The proposed wavepool project faced oppositions but the KS Wave Co continues to prove that it’s worthy to host future CT events.

In a recent specialty event, CT surfers as well as broadcasters and judges witnessed a milestone in the history of surfing. Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch was set up just like a live competition to test its technology. Many would agree it was a success. Even competitors said it was a walk into the future.

Here’s a video of Kelly testing his new and improved wavepool:

Now, reports say that WSL and AW Asset Management have filed an application to host two to three major events for TV to be held at Kelly’s wave pool in Florida. The application also stated that the surf ranch would have a 16.6-acre lagoon, a 10,121-square-foot learning center, a 3,566-square-foot clubhouse, a 5,392-square-foot training center and 31,915 square feet of buildings.

Each year, two or three major events will be held, which will be broadcasted on national television. These competitions are expected to attract 50,000 people every year or 5,000 every day. This would require a total of 322 direct hires and result in $33 million in profit.

Although applications have been submitted, future CT events to be held at KS Wave Co are still unclear. WSL still has a lot of planning to do on how to adapt their existing format to this new plan.

Until the final zoning hearing on October 26, there’s nothing surf fans can do but wait for good news.

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