Kelly Slater’s Wave Pool is Coming to Florida

For some time, it seemed that Kelly Slater’s dream of bringing his wave pool to Florida was going to stay a dream. The good people of Jupiter Farms aired some pretty valid concerns during the public comment period and made everyone think that plans will fall through. But just when you thought all is lost, the King announced some pretty big news!

Kelly Slater with Palm Beach County officials | Photo Credit: Instagram

On Thursday morning, the Palm Beach County commissioners have unanimously approved zoning for Kelly’s wave pool and the King took to Instagram his excitement:

“Well… It’s official… We have a building permit in Palm Beach County for #SurfRanchFlorida. I’m beyond proud and stoked to see the first of our developments at @kswaveco going to my home state of #Florida. Thank you to Mayor Burdick and the city commissioners for your approval and support of the project. Also, thank you to #JupiterFarms for your comments and support. Looking forward to being neighbors. I keep joking about it but it might be true that now I can move back home now and surf as much as I want! Cannot wait to see a bunch more stoked people riding waves. This is gonna be fun.”

In the application, it was proposed that pro surfers will be allowed to train at the facility and that the surf park will hold contests occasionally. According to Palm Beach Post, construction will start in 2018 and completed in 2019.

In light of the approval and the success of the recent “specialty event,” we just might see more WSL-sanctioned events happening in Kelly’s home state.

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