Kelly Slater Drops Out Of Rio

Kelly Slater withdraws from 2017 Oi Rio Pro

The King needs a rest. At least that is what his official statement tells us in the announcement of his withdrawal from the 2017 Oi Rio Pro. Kelly Slater, who also happened to withdraw from last year’s Oi Rio Pro, has made it known to his fans and the public that he will be skipping Brazil this year and possibly other following stops in the world tour.

Here is what Kelly announced through WSL press release:

“I have been working through some injuries the past several seasons and, unfortunately, I need to take some time off to mend my body,” said the King. “I won’t be in Rio and I don’t know how long I’ll need,” he continued. “My lower back has been in constant pain for the last three years and although I’ve been able to fight through it with short stints of rehab, it hasn’t fixed the problem.”

“If I don’t do this now, at some point, I’ll ruin my body,” Slater reflected. “I’m spending the next five weeks rehabilitating with WSL Doctors in Australia and we’ll see how I feel after that. I’m hopeful that I will be in top form again this season at some point. Thanks everyone for the support.”

Bino Lopes will come in as a replacement for Slater for the event. Slater being out does not make the competition less stiffer as there are several of the world’s best gunning for the yellow jersey that John John Florence currently wears. Who will emerge victorious in this World Tour stop? Share your thoughts below.

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