Kanoa Wins, Men’s QS Rankings Shaken Post Vans US Open of Surfing


By the end of the coveted Vans US Open QS10000 event, Kanoa Igarashi was declared the winner and many QS hopefuls made huge leaps to the top. The Huntington Beach event is one of only five QS 10000 events. It is one of the most heavily weighted on the Qualifying Series (QS).

Championship Tour (CT) surfers who don’t make it to the Top 22 of the Jeep Leaderboard by the end of 2017 will lose their spots in the 2018 Championship Tour. Therefore, the Qualifying Series is another route CT surfers can take to requalify if they’re in a bad position on the world tour.

Image Source: @kanoaigarashi

Kanoa Igarashi, who currently ranks 29th in the CT is in danger of not making it to the CT next year. To make matters worse for him, he was previously ranked No. 69 on the QS until he won the Vans Open of Surfing. With this win, Igarashi jumped 66 places up the QS rankings and now seats at No. 3, which puts him in a safer spot for requalification if he manages to maintain his QS ranking.

Aside from Kanoa, there are many other QS surfers who made it to the top 10, jumping several spots in the QS rankings as a result of good Vans US Open of Surfing performances.

Here is the complete list of the big leapers in the QS:

Michael February

Image Source: @thevibesrgood

Current Qualifying Series Rank: 2
QS Points: 14,750
Move: Climbed 2 spots from No. 4

The South African QS surfer earned 5,200 points after finishing 5th place in the Vans US Open of Surfing following his previous 3rd place finish at the previous QS10000 event in South Africa.

Kanoa Igarashi

Image Source: @kanoaigarashi

Current Qualifying Series Rank: 3
QS Points: 13,310
Move: Climbed 66 spots from No. 69

Kanoa’s knowledge of his home break in Huntington Beach has helped him secure the much-needed win after a lackluster performance in the Championship Tour. Now he is back on track for CT requalification next year.

Tomas Hermes

Image Source: @tomashermes

Current Qualifying Series Rank: 4
QS Points: 13,010
Move: Climbed 33 spots from No. 37

This Brazillian QS surfer has almost qualified for the Championship Tour twice in the past. He ranked 18th on the QS in 2016 and ranked 17th in the QS in 2014. He knows that his journey for CT qualification is far from over but he seems to be on fire and thirsty for his dream CT qualification.

Ricardo Christie

Image Source: @ricardochristie

The former CT surfer from New Zealand is looking to get another shot at the big leagues. He finished in 31st place in the CT back in 2015 and was No. 21 on the same year in the QS. Now he seems to be getting back on track for making it back again to the World Tour.

Current Qualifying Series Rank: 9
QS Points: 10,550
Move: Climbed 17 spots from No. 26

Patrick Gudauskas

Image Source: @patrickgud

Another former CT surfer, Gudauskas also wants to get another chance to be on the World Tour. He finished 27th place on the Championship Tour in 2014, and number 33 on the QS that season, losing his chance to requalify. His strong performance in Huntington Beach helped him get back on track. If he manages to maintain or improve his performance on the next QS events, he might find a way back into the big leagues.

Current Qualifying Series Rank: 10
QS Points: 10,300
Move: Climbed 17 spots from No. 27

Here is a look back into the finals day of the 2017 Vans US Open of Surfing:

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