John John Florence Wins His 2nd World Title

He’s done it! The much talked about 2017 season has come to an end, and John John Florence outperformed everyone and clinched his second World Title.

John John Florence wins back-to-back World Title | Photo Credit: Twitter

When two of his biggest competition went down early in the Pipe Masters, the last threat standing in his way was Gabriel Medina. In the Quarterfinals, the Brazilian pride fell short of Jeremy Flores, losing his heat by a wide margin. This loss sealed the deal for Florence and was awarded as the back-to-back World Champion.

It would have been a dream if he also won the Pipe Masters, but Flores stole the victory with some last minute heroics. In an interview, Flores shared that he didn’t feel comfortable being the “title decider.”

“To be honest I don’t like to be that guy who is deciding titles,” Flores said. “It should have just been a showdown between John and Gabriel. These guys work so hard. Honestly, when I beat Gabriel, I felt bad. Guys like that work so hard all year and to see the emotion on their faces, I was like ‘Man, I hate doing this!’ but I was stoked to make it happen a second time. It was an emotional day for sure.”

However, Florence is not bummed at all for not winning the last stop of the CT and is just elated to have nabbed his second World Title in his hometown.

“To win here at home, this has been my dream and this year it happened. It’s just been an awesome year,” he said.

Florence’s World Title journey has had some rough patches.  He was taken down by a wildcard in Rio and had some less than stellar performance in past CT events. The numbers were clearly in his favor throughout the season but Julian Wilson, Jordy Smith, and Gab Medina didn’t go down without a fight.

The Top 5 Surfers of the Men’s 2017 CT | Photo Credit: WSL

At 25, John John Florence is the first surfer to have won two consecutive titles since Kelly Slater in 2011, and he has no plans of stopping there saying, “I think I learned a lot this year, I’m gonna take all that, and put it into next year, and hopefully win again. I’m really enjoying it right now — enjoying competing. It’s a lot of fun.”

Congratulations, John John!

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