Jeep World Longboard Championship (Female) – Who’s Ahead In Day 1


The Jeep World Longboard Championship kicked off to a smooth start in China last Saturday as the world’s top female longboarders showed off their chops at Riyue Bay. The waves were slow but the competitors made the most of what they had.

Goofy-footed Justine Mauvin took her time in Round 1, scoring her way into Round 3 with a skilled performance in the very last seconds of the heat. Judges gave her a 7.33 for her swerving, nose-riding ride to the beach.

Mauvin acknowledged that the first heat was difficult, but she said she got her needed points in the end by doing what she would usually do and not giving it much thought.

Justine Mauvin

Justine Mauvin | Photo Credit: WSL

Brazilian standout Chloe Calmon scored the highest so far in the competition, a total score of 16.83, surfing against formidable opponents Karina Rozunko and Kelia Moniz.

Calmon’s strategy of scoring early in the heat worked well for her. She admitted to a bit of nervousness, though, knowing Moniz and Karina might still get the scores they needed at the end to beat her lead.

Chloe Calmon

Chloe Calmon | Photo Credit: WSL

Women’s World Longboard Champion Rachael Tilly credited patience for her win in Heat 3 of Round 1, which landed her a place in Round 3.

Rachael Tilly

Rachael Tilly | Photo Credit: WSL

2015’s World Title runner-up Crystal Walsh also scored a Round 1 win. After having winning on her mind all of last year, she said like Mauvin that not thinking too much during the actual event has actually seemed to help her.

Crystal Walsh

Crystal Walsh | Photo Credit: WSL