Is Virginia Beach Getting Its Own Wave Pool?

The wave pool fever continues as East Coast is said to be getting another one. Following the approval of the construction of Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch in Florida, Virginia Beach is reportedly building one thanks to an unlikely ally.

Venture’s proposed plan for the Dome | Photo Credit: Venture Realty Group

According to The Virginia Pilot, Venture Realty Group has proposed an overhaul for Virginia Beach’s most valuable property, the Dome, and they’ve partnered with American rapper and producer Pharrell Williams to do it.

American rapper and producer Pharrell Williams | Photo Credit: Instagram

The wave pool will make use of Wavegarden’s Cove tech that can produce 1,000 waves per hour. The Cove tech is a far more superior tech than the one used in Texas’ NLand Surf Park and UK’s Surf Snowdonia, so surfers can expect an experience quite similar to surfing in the ocean.

Apart from the surf park, the plan also calls for shops and restaurants, apartments, and a 4000-seat entertainment venue.

At the moment, Venture and Williams’ proposal is the only one that the city officials are considering. No decisions have been made yet but according to Councilman John Uhrin, “They’re the front-runner.”

The proposed surf park | Photo Credit: Venture Realty Group

If this proposal pushes through, East Coast may just have the best surf in the country!

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