Iran Becomes 100th Member of ISA

Iran has recently become the 100th member of International Surfing Association signifying the global growth of the surfing community.

The Islamic Republic of Iran Surfing Association has been formed in 2016 after Easkey Britton, a female Surfer from Ireland has introduced the sport to locals back in 2010.

Britton has returned to Iran to promote the values of Surfing to the locals and has helped inspire the growth of the surfing culture in Iran.

The country’s surfing association has set the following objectives for the growth of Surfing in Iran:

  • Promote the expansion and popularization of Surfing across Iran
  • Scout talented individuals who are capable of developing and promoting the sport in Iran
  • Hold educational courses and workshops to train instructors and judges
  • Create uniform rules and regulations for the sport in Iran based on ISA rules
  • Organize local and national Surfing competitions

Watch Easkey Britton surf the waves of Iran in the file video below: