Germany Built A Wave Pool Inside A Mall

As you may have known by now, wave pools are getting built around the globe. There’s currently one in UAE and Malaysia, four in Europe, and a couple in USA and Australia. In fact, construction for Melbourne’s first wave pool is set to break ground this month. And ideally, they’re built in large land areas but that didn’t stop Germany from having one inside one of their malls.

CItywave facility in Osnabrück | Photo Credit: Surfer Today

Just last month, a German company developed the world’s first portable wave pool and now a department store in Osnabrück partnered with Citywave to consctruct a functional indoor wave pool designed to mimic ocean waves and allow users to surf real boards, hence a “real” surfing experience.

Pro surfer Shane Beschen and Citywave’s Managing Director explains the concept behind it. “Unlike many of the other wave pool technologies that need massive amounts of land, the City Wave can fit in a very small footprint and still offer a real surfing experience,” Beschen said in an interview. “Although it looks small, the City Wave has an ample amount of power and resistance allowing for full rail turns, cutbacks, snaps and even airs for the more experienced.”

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As a surfer, Beschen admits that Citywave will not replace the ocean surfing but is an additional means to enjoy the experience and for young surfers to improve their skills. “The real-time coaching is super cool because you can literally show them video of the turns and give instruction on what adjustments to make then they literally apply the information seconds later,” Beschen explained.

At the moment, Citywave facilities are only available in Europe but the company has plans to bring the tech to North America very soon.

The Citywave in L&T Mall opened last March 1 and a 45-minute session will cost you $35.

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