Gabriel Medina, Carissa Moore Triumph in Quiksilver & Roxy Pro France 2017


October 14, 2017, Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France wrapped up and crowned a new set of winners – Gabriel Medina and Carissa Moore both showed remarkable performances that helped them nab their first wins of 2017.

Quiksilver and Roxy Pro France were all about professional surfing. With an estimated audience of 10,000 fans, pro surfers were seen getting barrelled, doing air stunts and back flips, and showing powerful turns and carves at three to five-foot waves in amazing conditions.

Quiksilver Pro France 2017 Champ Gabriel Medina

In the Finals of Quiksilver Pro, Gabriel Medina defeated Sebastian Zietz, which moves him from number eight to number three in the in the WCT rankings.

Gabriel Medina now at 3rd place on Leaderboard | Image source:

Medina scored 16.00 while Ziets only nabbed a 9.30. According to Ziets, Medina was doing things others can’t do. He didn’t mind losing though and he was just happy he got a trophy. Medina also beat John John Florence with his impossible backflips during the semi finals. Florence made a couple of mistakes, which cost him in the end.

“It feels so good to win an event. This is a really special place for me, I love coming here, I’m so, so stoked. It’s been a great event this year, we’ve had really good waves. I’m not even thinking about the World Title or the rankings, I just wanted a win. I promised to myself I had to win one event this year, and it feels so good now I’ve done it,” Medina said.

Gabriel Medina vs John John Florence – SEMI-FINALS

Gabriel Medina vs Sebastian Zeits – FINAL

Gabriel Medina now has a shot at another Word Title.

Roxy Pro France 2017 Champ Carissa Moore

Meanwhile, Roxy Pro France crowned Carissa Moore as its new champion with a final score of 16.70, competing against Lakey Peterson in the finals, with also an impressive score of 14.50.

Carissa Moore currently at 4th place in Jeep Leaderboard| Image source:

Carissa Moore performed well in the shore of La Gravière, Hossegor despite the quickly-shifting tides and peaks. With her layback snaps and aggressiveness, she was able to nab scores of 4.00 and 5.33. Peterson was not able to catch up in terms of scores with only 15 minutes left.

Carissa Moore vs Lakey Peterson – FINAL

Watch the best moments and final day highlights of the event below:

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