Dusty Payne Seriously Injured After Scary Wipeout at Backdoor

Surfing is a very beautiful sport but it can get very ugly in just a matter of seconds. When waves are monstrously big, wipeouts are likely to happen and no one is exempted. For even the professional surfers have their share of wipeouts.

Dusty Payne | Photo Credit: Instagram

On January 8, Maui’s talented tube rider Dusty Payne suffered a serious wipeout that landed him on a hospital bed. North Shore photographer Keoki Saguibo recounted the incident, “He couldn’t set his rail and he slipped and went over the handlebars. I’m guessing from there he got sucked over the falls and went head first into the reef.”

“He’d probably been unconscious for 3 to 4 minutes by the time we got him to the beach,” he said. “Once the lifeguards got to us, I stepped back and let them take over, but I saw that he was starting to spit out water which was a good sign.”

Payne smashed his forehead, broke his jaw, and looked pretty beaten up but thanks to the fast-acting individuals who helped out, he’s alive. He is now out of surgery and slowly recovering.

In a phone interview with Stab, sister Molly said that Dusty’s five-hour surgery went well and he’s out of the ICU, “Now it’s time to focus on his recovery and get Dusty out of the hospital. We’re moving out of the ICU today and into a normal room. We probably still have a few more weeks here before he’ll be discharged, but we’re just taking it day by day.”

BlinkSurf wishes Payne a speedy recovery. We’re looking forward to having you back on a surfboard, buddy.

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