Would You Like To Surf The Maldives?


There are several world-class surfing destinations that are very popular amongst surfers. These are places where the waves are just so perfect that the long and sometimes treacherous travel is worth it.

While some of the great surf spots are not easily reachable and often only made accessible to surfing pros through sponsored expeditions by surfing brands, there are several surfing destinations that are easier to access for the general public and deliver a great surfing and travel experience, comfort, and relaxation.

Maldives Surf Destination | Photo Credit: Wave Hunters

One of these surfing destinations that stands out is the Maldives, a South Asian island country located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India. It is the smallest Asian country by land area and population and is comprised of a chain of 26 atolls. While it is a popular holiday destination, the Maldives is also known for its great surf.

The Surf Season:

The surf season in Maldives runs from mid-February to November throughout various atolls. Swells are produced by winter low-pressure systems in the Indian Ocean. The consistency and size of the swell vary throughout the 26 atolls during these surfing months. March, April, and May often have very clean conditions, June to August offer potentially bigger swells, while September to October offer more consistent swell.

The Waves:

The Maldives offers both left and right-hand reef breaks that suit most intermediate to advanced surfers. Everything from barreling and hollow walls to softer open face waves is on offer in various locations in the Maldives. The waves aren’t as intense as that of Tahiti, Mentawai and Indo but they do break over six feet high on a reef.

Surfing in Maldives | Photo Credit: Surfertoday

The Surf Regions:

Central Atolls are rich in moderate-sized perfect reef breaks, mostly right-handers. It has a limited crowd, as it is mostly accessible only by charter boat. The longest swell periods are often found in the Central atolls of Meemu, Thaa and Laamu, sitting between the northern and southern atolls. The area has secret surf spots known only to the genuine charter operators in that area.

Surf break: Ying Yangs

North Male Atoll offers the best-known breaks, which include Pasta Point, Chickens and Lohis and is generally more accessible as it is where most resorts are situated. It has near perfect and consistent waves.

Surf Breaks: Chickens, Cokes, Honkys, Jailbreaks, Lohis, Ninjas, Sultans.

South Male Atoll waves break a bit smaller than the breaks in the north, but have fewer people in the surf and can be accessed by charter boat.

Surf Breaks: Kates, Riptides, Twin Peaks.

Southern Atolls are considered the final surfing frontier of Maldives. The ring-shaped atolls offer numerous reef breaks.

Surf Breaks: Antiques, Beacons, Blue Bowls, Castaways, Five Islands, Love Charms, Tiger Stripes, Two Ways.

Surfing Experience in Maldives | Photo Credit: Luex


Equatorial climate. Humid, hot and sometimes rainy, which varies depending on the time of year you visit. Water temperature is around 27 ° Celsius year round.

Where to stay:

Luxury Charter Boats – There are several of these like the Ocean Divine, Carpe Vita, etc.

Luxury Surf Resorts – Maldives has the best resort brands in the world including Four Seasons and Six Senses.

Great Value Surf Resorts – Holiday Inn Kandooma, Club Med Kani and Hudhuranfushi and many other options.

Male Surf Charter Boats – The Haira and Cobia are some of the popular charter boats that don’t break the bank.

Surf camps and guest houses – You also have an option to live like a local and enjoy the comfortable guest houses and surf camps abundant in the area.


It’s a tropical paradise so you are not expected to be in a 6mm wet suit. Go for something comfortable in warmer waters. Be sure to bring surfboard wax designed for tropical waters.

Here’s a video showing what a surfing trip looks like aboard the Luxury Charter boat, Ocean Divine:

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