Dion Agius Got Caught Up In A Cyclone: What He Does Next Is Inspirational


Dion Agius went on a surfing trip to Mozambique two weeks ago in the small town of Tofo, south of the country. He refers to it as a “super sweet little surf town (think Byron Bay 50 years ago… but in Africa!)”

While Dion enjoyed the waves and crystal clear water with his friends, they did not realize the gravity of the imminent danger of the approaching cyclone and even surfed in the morning of February 15th just before the cyclone hit the town.

“We were surfing that morning, and the waves were actually, really, really fun,” relates Dion. In the afternoon that day, Dion and his friends found themselves caught up in the middle of one of the worst cyclones to hit Mozambique in recent history.

Roof of the house where Dion was staying when the cyclone hit | Photo Credit: @dionagius on Instagram

“The roof of our house was torn off early in the evening during the first few hours of the cyclone, and we were forced to hide in the basement all night while our house and the surrounding villages were destroyed,” said Dion. “It was really fucking scary and especially as there was no power, no water, no way to communicate with anyone. All I could think about were the poor locals who live in these tiny, wooden huts that didn’t stand a chance in the 180 km winds.”

During the cyclone and it’s aftermath, Dion took a video footage that showed the massive damage it made to the community and its residents. Watch the video below:

“The locals of Tofo are some of the most beautiful people I have been lucky enough to meet and a lot of them and their families are now homeless,” Dion lamented. “I have barely seen any media covering this devastating event so I wanted to do what I could to help raise some awareness and help these amazing people get back on their feet… I know I have a bunch of rad friends and acquaintances all over the word who would be stoked to help out if they could…”

One of the many houses damaged by Cyclone Dineo | Photo Credit: @dionagius on Instagram

Dion was compelled to make a move to raise funds and help the people of Mozambique who were severely devastated by the cyclone, in hopes that he can make a difference by helping the victims rebuild what was lost. Dion aims to inspire others to have the heart to make a big impact through small, individual efforts combined altogether.

“I really need your help to spread the word and raise some money for these awesome people,” says Dion. “If you can spare any change, every little bit will help.”

If you are interested to help in this cause, details for the donation are here: Cyclone Dineo hits Mozambique.

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