Champions’ Quiver: Boards That Won World Titles In The Past 5 Years

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World Tour Champions 2012-2016

To be a World Champion of the prestigious ASP/WSL Championship Tour, a surfer needs skill, talent and a strong will. But that is just one side of the story. A surfer also needs to be equipped with the right surfboard to help him make it through. In the past five years, the world title has been passed on from one surfer to another. And each time, they have had varied preferences in equipment.

So today we bring to you a collection of surfboards that have been go-to choices of the past five years’ World Champions.

Year: 2016
Champion: John John Florence
Equipment of Choice: Pyzel Surfboards Bastard

Pyzel Bastard | Photo Credit: Pyzel Surfboards

The most high performance design in the Pyzel Surfboards’ range, the Bastard is the board that John John Florence rides in most conditions and competition all around the world.

In the 2016 World Tour, Florence finished 1st in Rio, Portugal, and Haleiwa and won the World Title mostly riding his favorite Bastard.

John Florence on Pyzel Surfboard | Photo Credit: Pyzel Surfboards

The Bastard is known to be a versatile board that is good to use in beach break, reefs and points. It has quite a bit of continuous rocker giving a snappy, loose feel, but still pumps up a lot of drive in good waves. The single concave throughout the board adds lift and more speed.

Year: 2015
Champion: Adriano de Souza
Equipment of Choice: Channel Islands Rook15 | Channel Islands Taco Grinder

Adriano De Souza with CI Surfboard | Photo Credit: Channel Islands Surfboards

Adriano De Souza’s 2015 World Tour quiver includes the Rook 15 and the Taco Grinder.

Taco Grinder | Photo Credit: Channel Islands Surfboards

The Taco Grinder is a board designed to navigate long barrels. It is a direct result of the Channel Islands team riders’ demand for shortboard performance in waves that require a semi-gun or step-up. The bottom of this board has single concave throughout, and has a fuller rail and tail kick.

Rook 15 | Photo Credit: Channel Islands Surfboards

The Rook15 was first seen on the World Tour in 2010. The Rook15 is the ultimate contest workhorse that has a single concave throughout. It works best when on rail.

Adriano de Souza at Pipeline | Photo Credit: Channel Islands Surfboards

Year: 2014
Champion: Gabriel Medina
Equipment of Choice: Pukas Surfboards DFK | Pukas Surfboards MEGA

Pukas Surfboards DFK Gab Medina | Photo Credit: Pukas Surfboards

The DFK (Da Freak Kid) is a surfboard named after Gabriel Medina. Former World Champ Martin Potter called Medina “The Freak Kid” as he was webcasting the World King Of the Groms in Hossegor, France. Gabriel scored two 10s in the final and won the World KOTG.

Pukas Surfboards DFK | Photo Credit: Pukas Surfboards

The DFK has a thin nose and tail. It has a single concave from nose to tail and a slow water entry at the nose up to the lower-half of the board where the concave gets deeper. This design gives the board speed and Gabriel maximized his surfing potential with this board.

Pukas Surfboards Mega | Photo Credit: Pukas Surfboards

Gabriel has won the Junior and the 6 Star Lacanau Pro, the WT Quik Pro France and the WT Rip Curl Search in San Francisco on the Pukas MEGA. The MEGA is designed for strong waves (either small or big), and reflects the technical ability and knowledge of shaper J. Cabianca. This board is developed for power surfing in all kinds of conditions.

Pukas Surfboards MEGA, Gabriel Medina | Photo Credit: Pukas Surfboards

The MEGA’s design in the bottom half of the board features a deeper rocker in the rail and less rocker in the stringer. The fin placement is closer together and more splay. The board has the ability to pivot and to turn easily at high speed. Overall, it works better when it is faster.

Year: 2013
Champion: Mick Fanning
Equipment of Choice: DHD Duck’s Nuts

Mick Fanning | Image Source: DHD

The Duck’s Nuts is Mick’s step up board for perfect surf conditions. Headed into Portugal in 2013, Mick Fanning’s chances of winning another World Title were slim. He needed two of the world’s best to be eliminated early to get a shot at the title. When they did, Fanning capitalized on that momentum and with the DHD Duck’s Nuts board, he emerged victorious at the Rip Curl Pro Portugal.

DHD MF Ducks Nuts | Photo Credit DHD


MF Ducks Nuts by DHD | Photo Credit: DHD

The model he used was a pin tail, 5’10” with a width of 18.75″ and 2.25″ thick. It has 26.21 liters in volume and a single to double concave.

Year: 2012
Champion: Joel Parkinson
Equipment of Choice: JS Industries Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not | Photo Credit: JS Industries

The Forget Me Not squash tail played a major role in Joel Parkinson’s 2012 World Title win. It is his first choice when the waves are pumping. The dimensions tuned for Parko’s preference is 6’2″ length, 18 7/8 width, a 2 3/8 thickness and 28.1 liters of volume.

Parko combined his skills and talents with good equipment to ultimately win the 2012 World Title that has long eluded him in the previous years.

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