Big Wave Surfer Carlos Burle Joined Olympic Torch Relay

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Carlos Burle, the man who surfed the 100 foot Wave in Nazare, Portugal represented surfing in the Olympic Torch Relay. Burle’s Surfboard was towed through the waves and landed at Maracaípe Beach in Porto de Galinhas, Brazil earlier today.

This is part of the 2016 Summer Olympics Torch Relay. The torch has been lit in Olympia, Greece last April 1 and has travelled through Athens on April 27. It has started its Brazilian Journey last May 3 and will cover more than 300 Brazilian Cities.

With surfing becoming a widely popular sport in Brazil, it has been decided by Olympics organisers to add Surfing to the torch relay. Burle’s recent highlight performances in Nazare and Hawaii have earned him a spot to represent surfing in the international stage.

Watch video footage by World Surf League