21 Year Old Surfer Attacked By Shark In Réunion Island

A 21-year-old surfer has been attacked by a shark at a beach near Boucan-Canot in Réunion Island.

Recent report reveals that the victim, whose identity has not been confirmed yet, has suffered major left arm and right foot injuries as a result of the attack. He was airlifted on a helicopter to a trauma center in Saint-Denis to be treated. This is the first attack on the Réunion Island this year.

New shark barriers have been installed around Boucan-Canot last year, but this Saturday morning, authorities have discovered that the barrier had become non-operational causing them to prohibit boating and swimming in the area. The ample swell in the water has caused the nets to malfunction, therefore the water has been closed.

Last year new shark barriers were installed around Boucan-Canot, but on Saturday morning boating and swimming were officially prohibited after authorities made an early-morning inspection and found the barrier to be non-operational. With ample swell in the water, the nets weren’t functioning as intended, thus the water was closed. Local authorities announced that they were considering fishing for the shark in local waters.

2015 saw 47 sharks caught in Réunion Island. The place has become home to thirteen percent of the world’s fatal shark attacks. There were eighteen people attacked and seven fatalities between 2011 and 2015.