What If You Could Have A Global Quiver?

The idea of having access to multiple quivers in various places in the world is awesome! | Photo Credit: Surfer.com

If you are a surfer and you travel internationally in search of good waves, you know how challenging it can be just to transport your surfboards. First, you can only bring a limited number of boards because of airline restrictions, fees and everything else involved in surfboard transport. Then you have to deal with the possibility of your board being damaged or broken in half when careless airline employees decide to just toss your board bag around. The worst thing that can happen on a surf trip is to have your itinerary all planned out only for you to arrive at your destination with broken boards and there is no place in the country to have your boards repaired.

When you have no equipment to use, your entire trip is sacked. Everything is ruined! A lot of surfers have experienced this for as long as when the battle between airlines and surfers began. Even WSL Championship Tour surfers have had their share of surfboard damages through airline transit, and none of their stories sounded like fun at all.

But what if you didn’t have to bring a surfboard with you and you’d still be able to travel the world and access a quiver of boards where you can choose one that is simply cut out for you and take it for a spin on an unfamiliar surf break away from home? Wouldn’t it be fun to try out a new board on a new surf break, anytime and anywhere in the world? Well, that would seem to be the idea when AWAYCO started introducing the concept of having a global quiver you can easily access at a fixed monthly rate.

While it isn’t the first time that people rented out boards through a monthly membership, AWAYCO’s idea is to take it to the next level and build a global network of surfboard racks where surfers can go to and grab quality surfboards of their choice and be on their way to the nearby world-class surf break. It eliminates the hassle of having to carry your boards around and pay for excessive airline fees just to transport a few boards that may or may not work on the break you’re visiting.

So the ability to travel light, which has been an impossible task for most surfers who travel, now becomes a possibility. And who knows how it can change the way surfers travel the world? It may or may not work and the details of the concept have yet to be unveiled, but it seems like a pretty interesting and clever idea that may just be the solution to a long-term problem that has always plagued surfers.

Here’s AWAYCO’s teaser video which pretty much gives you an idea of what they’re offering on the table, although it would really interest me to see the complete details of how they plan to make the global quiver accessible in most surf destination countries. But for now, I think it’s a pretty awesome idea that is worth giving a shot!

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